Commercial & Business Finance

Commercial and Business Finance

Business finance for private companies, family businesses and smaller public corporations can include fixed and variable rate loans, bank guarantees and performance bonds, asset finance, trade finance, working capital and cash flow finance. At Foresight Financial Group we provide a comprehensive range of business finance solutions designed to optimise the cost, terms and conditions of finance required.



We have developed an extensive network of domestic and international funding providers that enable us to source and originate an extremely adaptive range of finance in the form of senior debt (first ranking charge over assets), subordinated debt (second ranking charge over assets), mezzanine finance (debt that can convert to equity) and hybrid finance (combination of debt and equity instruments).



We adopt a methodical approach to structuring funding transactions that is initially based on developing a strong understanding of the key objectives of the business and the personal goals of the owners. This enables us to better understand the historical financial performance and economic forecasts of the business and thereby formulate the most effective financing structure for our Clients.



Once we structure the optimum funding framework, we undertake detailed negotiations with the relevant funder whilst formulating solutions to issues that may arise in the course of these discussions. We subsequently review and advise on letters of offer from preferred funders and guide our Clients in the execution of final documentation. We also coordinate any relationship transition required from old to new funders.

Client Benefits

Our sophisticated approach to Commercial and Business Finance enables our Clients to increase the level of potential borrowings, achieve more favourable pricing and terms, enhance the protection of personal assets and improve business cash flow and profitability.