Funding Growth

Funding Growth

One of the constant issues faced by business is the ability to obtain funding and to free up cash flow to grow and expand their business. Whilst commercial and residential security assists with business funding, the good news is that the range and flexibility of financing options available for businesses has increased over recent years.

At Foresight Financial Group we use our expertise to assist you;

  • Source new style facilities to leverage assets that form part of your business;
  • Structure facilities not only to support current requirements but also facilitate growth;
  • Find ways to release capital and improve cash flow to assist expansion; 
  • Structure finance to assist purchase of equipment and or business premises;
  • Review and improve existing financing arrangements
  • Structure and arrange refinance to assist with business growth.

Client Benefit

Our advisory approach to Funding Growth enables our Clients to increase the level of potential borrowings, achieve more favourable terms, enhance the protection of personal assets and improve business cash flow and profitability. Every client is different, as are their needs, which is why in-depth analysis and structuring is required to ensure that finance obtained not only meets the current requirement but also will assist with future growth.