Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Foresight Financial Group can also assist privately held and publicly traded middle market companies to significantly improve the way that funding is used to support enterprise growth. We achieve this through a unique combination of business specific finance products and advanced financing techniques and services. Structured Solutions are outcomes where the links between specific financing products are merged to deliver the solution that best meets the clients financing requirements. Whilst not specifically covered in this section our structured financing solutions also apply to property investment and development.

Our structured finance deliverables enable our clients to;

  • Increase the level of potential borrowings;
  • Achieve more favourable terms and conditions;
  • Enhance the protection of personal assets;
  • Potentially improve business cash flow and profitability; and
  • Release capital for alternative investments.

Client Benefits

It is the ability to clearly understand our clients financing requirements and business strategies that enable Foresight Financial Group to deliver financing outcomes that not only work for the client to assist fund growth, finance acquisitions, minimise risk, protect assets but also aid wealth creation strategies. Every client and their requirements are unique and each needs to be fully assessed taking all relevant aspects into consideration. This ensures the optimum capital and debt structures.