Specialist Finance

Specialist Finance


There are many areas where the finance may be defined as Specialist Finance. Whilst our experience has seen considerable specialisation over the years, four specific areas where we know the industry sectors well are as follows;



Franchisee / Franchisor Finance



Franchisee finance is in many cases driven by finance packages negotiated between the Franchisor and Funders. At Foresight Financial we have assisted the establishment of the benchmarks for Franchisee Funding packages and have also assisted many Franchisees obtain a finance package that exists with various financiers. Additionally, we have structured finance solutions from Financiers where packages do not exist or the existing package requirement does not meet the specific model.



Floor Plan Funding



A financing structure principally utilised to finance floor stock of new and used motor vehicles. Other types of specialist equipments (such as cranes) may be suitable for floor plan finance. In many cases floor plan finance is only available from the funder if there is an opportunity to finance purchases with the end buyer. The number of financiers providing Floor Plan Finance has recently reduced.



Aged Care



A specialist area driven by bed licences and government regulation. Our focus covers acquisition, facility development and refinance of proven and experienced operators.



Borrowings by Superannuation Funds



With recent changes in the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act, a Self Managed Super Fund may borrow money to acquire an asset under specific conditions. A number of financiers have developed specific products and structures that will allow the Trustee of a Self Managed Super Fund to borrow monies to acquire property. Due to the complex nature of these borrowings, each case needs to be individually assessed. Foresight Financial Group is well versed in the legislative requirements and options available for this form of finance and works closely with specialist legal advisors in this field.


Client Benefits


At Foresight Financial Group we work closely with clients legal and other advisors to ensure that specialised forms of finance can be structured to meet a client's specific need. In many cases these specialist forms of finance can be structures to minimise the use of external securities. Our experience ensures clients retain flexibility as many forms of specialist finance can result in restricting future borrowings.