Funding Appraisals

Funding Appraisals

Conditions in the debt markets change constantly and the existing finance facilities that businesses have in place may not always be the best available. Similarly the lending criteria of funders may change abruptly due to external environmental factors as opposed to reasons directly related to borrower's activities. The volatility and inconsistency in terms of general debt market financing can create uncertainty or can create unnecessary limitations and obstacles to business owners and business growth.

At Foresight Financial Group we work with business owners and financial controllers to provide independent advice in the appraisal of a company's debt facilities and transactional banking services. Our model enables us to analysis each component of funding, assess debt service capacity, security leverage, renewal or extension risk and assess these against the existing market, client existing and future requirements.

This enables us to effectively restructure or refinance existing facilities where necessary and to introduce financiers who better appreciate growth aspirations or other issues impacting a business's performance. This may in situations result in a strategy of diversification of a clients funding base to more effectively use securities currently available.

Client Benefit

Our compressive Funding Appraisal allows our clients to take a pro active approach to the structure of their debt facilities and ensure their financing arrangements remain competitive and reflective of both business performance and market change. Through our experience and ability to analysis needs, originate, structure and execute our clients are able to ensure their financing facilities both cater for the needs of the business but also reflect market conditions, inclusive of price and provide flexibility to cater for market changes.